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Posted by on Aug 16, 2011 in Visualisation | 1 comment

England Riots: Offences Committed and Offenders Age

The Guardian have been keeping track of the magistrate cases and convictions resulting from the recent rioting in England. Using this data I have produced the “tree map” below. For each magistrate I have grouped each offence committed and represented it as a square. The size of the square represents the number of people who have committed the offence and its colour is the mean age of the offenders. I have highlighted some of the most frequent/ serious offences in each area.

[styled_image_spec w=”577″ h=”614″ link=”” lightbox=”yes” alt=”England Riots Tree Map”][/styled_image_spec]

I was struck by the seriousness of the offences and the age of the perpetrators represented above. As time goes on many more squares will need to be added, but I think the plot provides a useful generalisation of the nature of the riots across England.


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1 Comment

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